Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I arrived home from the grocery store and saw that the celery was brown and had to be returned.
Realized the net bag of organic oranges was huge. More than I thought. Checking the bill, I realized I wasn’t charged for the oranges…..Back to the store the next day. I didn’t want to get the cashier in trouble for her mistake. I decided to just put the bag back where I found it. Then re thought that idea. Received celery credit and left oranges at Customer Service. I went back to produce department and asked the woman working there if they had any smaller bags of oranges.
She told me to open a net bag and take whatever I wanted. “I’m the produce manager, and when you check out, just say A gift from Jess.”
I then told her about my return to customer service. Smiled and said Karma at work . Thank you Jess.

Comments on: "A Gift From Jess…..Karma" (7)

  1. susan Schrenzel said:

    Lovely story. I love to hear about kindnesses, generosity.

  2. Integrity and honesty will pay off every single time. I never want to tempt the fates. Karma be a b@#$% sometimes! 😉

  3. Just got caught up with your Sept blog. Very enjoyable! Great example of human integrity, it still exists and appreciated.

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