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Many Feelings, No Words

I had the strangest day and evening and wanted to share my experience. Usually I have so much to say and not difficult for me to express myself…Now I am having difficulty.

I went to visit Edith, my 97-year-old friend..She is in pretty good shape and lives in a Senior Residence. She asked me to stay for dinner as she often does, but I am rarely able to stay. Tonight I was going to The Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side, very close to where Edith lives. There is a New York Comedy Festival going on now, and Dane Cook was at The Beacon. He is one of today’s most prolific stand -up-comedians. Also an actor in a variety of film and television projects. One word, Hilarious. I went with my daughter in law and one word describing her, daughter.


I had dinner with Edith in the dining room and I was the youngest one in the room. One word, depressing.

Then I left to meet Stacey and we had a drink first, I needed one, and went just across the street to the beautiful Beacon Theatre. We, not just me, were the oldest by far in the entire theatre. One word, weird.

Dane Cook is not only very funny, but his intelligent comedy makes you think and laugh. Over an hour later, I took the bus back to my apartment. Many emotions, many feelings, but…….

No Words!!!!……………………………well maybe one….grateful


Trust Daisaku Ikeda

“Trust is difficult to earn and it is easily lost. The trust built over a decade can be shattered in an instant by one offhanded remark or deed. A person who is not swayed from their chosen path, even during the most trying times, will ultimately find that he or she is trusted by all.”………………………………..To trust and be trusted is priceless. pm

Wonderful Quote

Just read this on my Facebook page and not only do I believe in the words, they work for me. I count all my furry loves in this group as well.

” Everyone you have ever loved in your life becomes a part of your soul. They never leave. They’re always inside you, and you can bring them out whenever you want,”                  Nate Kenyon

A soul connected love never dies. The person may not be with you in the physical sense, but their energy and love never leaves  you and is most certainly a part of your life, every day and every night. If you believe in guardian angels, they are watching over you. Believing this way is a belief system that gives great comfort to those of us who don’t question, but exalt in memory and feelings. Once you have loved and been loved, you have experienced in life sheer joy. Celebrate and rejoice instead of feeling sad. It’s a much better feeling,