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Politics? No Thanks

I am definitely going to post a piece on living in this political unrest, and at times very violent society, I always try to remain neutral about politics, since I am so apolitical. I don’t understand it and understand politicians  less. There is a certain personality trait required to go into the field in the first place.

Feb. 1, I will be going back to one of my favorite places to visit. Virginia and will have a 6 hour train ride to think about this subject. The candidates,and who I would possibly vote for. Not that it would or should make a difference to followers, but I have a feeling many of us feel helpless when it comes to this process. The amount of money spent is outrageous, when I see so many homeless on the streets of New York City. Something is wrong with this picture. This is not the atmosphere for an idealist for sure.

Please stay tuned. I welcome comments and wonder if anyone else is wondering what’s going on????????

Dance With Me?

I have been trying to write  a blog about an experience I had with a few of my women friends. I  do not want to appear harshly judgmental, but  at the same time, I only have  my  observation. It has taken me months to process the experience.

I need to preface by saying I love to dance. My husband and I danced all the time. If a mood evoking song came on during a show we were watching,  a quick spin around the den was enjoyed, with Rod Stewart.  I  play  disco in my apartment, and dance alone for the healthy aerobic exercise and good free feeling it gives me.

I’m also extremely sensitive to any environment I’m in, and seem to  pick up energy, both positive and negative. That  being said, my friends and I decided to do a “why not?” experience. For the fun of it try a dancing night  event.  There are those times that the “why not’s” become “what was I thinking?”

Well, for some reason… was not exactly on my dance card.  I did dance with and without my friends. I sort of danced with a man swaying to  Chuck Berry. He  held my hand stretched out and we moved to the music, far apart.  The music was loud and louder. The group of men and  women were regulars and  knew each other. A bit like a dancing club. The music all  from the 50’s and several in  outfits to match the time warp. I thought I would pick up  the  feeling that  people were having a great time moving to the sounds of Johnnie Ray, Elvis Jailhouse Rock, The Platters,  and many other Rock and Roll Legends.  It just didn’t feel that way at all.  It seemed very sad and lonely to me, even though I didn’t personally feel sad and lonely. I was there to definitely move.

People connected to the music and the desire to dance, but totally disconnected from each other.  A  argument took place when one of the women in her 50’s costume had a fight with a guy, in his 2015 jeans ensemble, because he started to dance with another woman  and ignored her. She was furious and left the club.

Two hours and two drinks each  later, our foursome departed. Perhaps my feelings projected unfairly.


With an empty feeling I went back to my apartment and spent some time with John Coltrane and Miles Davis.  My dancing was over for the night.

Memories of dancing with Barry forever etched in my mind and body.

New Years Resolutions…Not

Have never made a New Year Resolution and never will. I think they are made to be broken. The gyms seem to be quite filled the first week in January and not so much in February. Whatever works…..  just wanted  to write for the New Year, two quotes. One is mine..

” You take from the present, when focused on the past.”

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Satchel  Paige

I wish you all  Good Health, Safety, and  Joys in the New Year.      Paulette