Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


My creativity has been under a mask during pandemic. Well it’s over and it’s time to write again, even small posts . I hope everyone is well and back to living the new normal . My new idea is to have more community tables in local restaurants. Too many people alone in their apartments not always happy to eat alone. I’m fortunate to have friends to eat with. I would still like the choice if I feel like going out to sit with others . People need people. Yes, if you feel like being alone, you’ll always have the choice.
a few times, I have seen women eating alone and asked if they would like company. Always a yes and conversation was easy and appreciated the gesture.
I’ve spoken to several restaurants and now wait and see.
stay well everyone💌

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea!! I love that about you! Always thinking of others. I do not eating alone in a restaurant, but it’s not terrible. I would just rather be with someone to talk to.
    I would love to say we are back to normal, but no… hubby is still struggling with Long Haulers and uses O2. He went back to work full time in July and has good day and not so good days. My life stays in flux because I do not know how he is going to feel. It makes things very difficult to plan. It has been a very challenging year…

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