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Another War? What have we learned?

My blog has never been political, nor am I. In fact, the older I become, the more apolitical I become. It is frustrating, and the feeling of helplessness comes to mind. No matter who I vote for, it seems our job is to invade other countries. Ban Ki- Moon, Secretary general of the United Nations said “the situation should be resolved in a peaceful way through dialogue.” I have taken a few quotes from Letters to the Editor in the Times today. “So Prime Minister David Cameron cannot wage war without the consent of the British people as represented by Parliament. I guess this is what a democracy looks like.” B.Deimling…”Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should have told us by now that dropping more bombs on a Muslim country will do nothing but perpetuate violence and increase hatred of America.” partial quote from R.Marshall. The New York Post has an article about Assad’s 11- year old son daring the United States to attack Syria in a Facebook rant. Enough lives have been lost, enough trillions have been wasted. Is it so impossible to strive for, and live in peace? World peace!. Sorry if this is a bit heavy on a holiday, but Twitter is filled with tweets hoping the United States will not make a strike against Syria. I thought you’re supposed to learn from past mistakes. Maybe I’m wrong. On a lighter note, I’m planning a move to Avatar.

Thumbkin Thumbkin..Where RU? (who cares)

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Thumbkin. Everything about him was a bit small. He loved telling funny stories, doing magic tricks, dancing, and singing. He liked making people laugh, but he was a sad boy. He had no friends. He wasn’t sensitive to their feelings. He made fun of them in his little shows. They in turn, made fun of him,and his flawed character.. He lived his life, laughing on the outside and sobbing on the inside. Good karma never enveloped him. He grew up selfish and emotionally challenged. Physically, he grew taller….he was about five foot nine inches, but not all of him caught up to his height. He wanted to be loved, but lacked the capacity to love…therefore, no relationship was ever lasting. Thumbkin decided to move far away when he was in his 40’s. He changed his name to Hercules Thor. His life remained one liners, and a few tricks, but no magic. His new name and location lacked authenticity.
This story doesn’t have a happy ending, because he remained Thumbkin, unable to satisfy, unable to be satisfied.
The moral of this story. Stature has many aspects to your character. Being genuine is one of them. It’s the size of the heart that matters most.


Have tried to find the author of this quote without success Does anyone out there know???? It isn’t Epicurus or Wilde. “Happiness= friends, free thought, and knowing yourself.” If I am not quoting myself, I always give credit to the author whose words have touched me.

The End of Summer

Wishing everyone a lovely Labor Day weekend filled with fun, joy, and laughter.
“One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter.” Henry David Thoreau

Thinking/Overthinking/Sleepless in New York….again

My son just emailed me an article from the New York Post about sending teenagers to a special camp…it seems in Japan thousands of the very young are addicted to social networking, and he feels I’m pretty close to entering a social rehab camp, I might be interested. One of my Twitter followers is a 17 year old savvy rapper, and he said and I quote “age is just a number, not a limitation.” So now a 78 year old is taking his words to heart. My own grandchildren are 17, 18, and almost 20. I often hear their voices. One of the advantages of being in the Land of Twitter as I call it, is being exposed to all colors, all ages, and from all over the world. I guess I have become somewhat addicted to the call, because not only is my writing validated by the comments, but I have become somewhat of a Guru GaMa to all ages. A lovely feeling. I never take my emotional transfusions for granted. My family and friends, some for over 70 years, and new ones just as treasured. Some words that stay with me, and I quote if not my own. Epicurus “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” “Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”……………..and some of my own feelings to share. If we love our pets, then raising awareness about animal cruelty is essential/…..Reality rarely lives up to the fantasy, or is it the other way around?/….
Fantasy is fun, reality is the real world/….Seemed like a good idea at the time can turn into, maybe not/……..Friendship thrives on loyalty and trust, and withers away without understanding./ Forever grateful being understood by those I choose to love, and who love me.

Best Friends …

This is a wonderful organization for any animal lover. They strive to protect all animals. “We promised our furry loved ones a lifetime of care, and in return, they gave us their hearts….Unconditional love lasts forever”. I used most of the words they put on their cards they give away to members to send to someone who has lost a loved pet. “Each beloved pet will always hold a special place in our hearts. Angels Rest at Best Friends is a peaceful and serene final resting place for animals as we honor their memories and spirit.”
The Rainbow Bridge is a comfort to read and please give link to anyone who has lost a loved pet. For the first time in my life, I am without a dog. At one time I had two West Highland terriers. Such a happy time in my life. Duffy lived to be almost 18, and Maggie promised me she would live to be 20. Sadly she didn’t keep her promise, and died at almost 15.Grateful for all the years…Also had a boxer Molly who died very young at 8…and then of course, as a child, I had Trixie, Snuffy, Buffy, and everyone of them, in my soul forever….Since I can’t deal with the emotions in losing them anymore, I get my fix with Lucky, my Havenese canine grandson near me, and when I visit in Calif. I have another, Buddy..They think he’s a Schnoodle..I hesitate to say, but he’s as much a Schnoodle as I am..He’s a Heinz..about 57 varieties…but nevertheless a love. To all out there with pets, cheers to them having a lovely long life…and of course their owners as well.


I wrote a blog several months ago called Friendship Garden. Weeding occasionally the toxic plants, to have new and thriving beautiful ones in their place. I continue to do this. Since I have been visiting more often and staying longer in Virginia, I have had the seeds planted for wonderful new friends. I adore my brothers wife, and we are loving sisters. Naturally her friends are women that I am honored to be with. A true mutual connection. I have a friend, my husband and I met in Paris, when she was on her honeymoon. I rarely see, her busy grandmother schedule, and my living in New York, but the soul connection is alive and well. I have come to the realization that the years have nothing to do with how a friendship thrives. It’s about love and understanding each other. When your friends “get you” and you “get them”…(sorry for the simple words, but so much meaning behind them)…a reading between the words and lines moment for you. Since April, I have been on social networks with Facebook, my blog, and Twitter. The Land of Twitter has been the most nourishing because of the very young followers and hearing their voices. After all, they will be taking over this world someday, and hopefully making it a better place. I have met new friends on Twitter with a very strong connection. Having over 700 followers from every country is amazing and fulfilling for me, because my words are validated, and there is no greater reward…so what’s the point of all this. Simple. Surrounding yourself with nourishing people feeds your soul as eating nourishing food feeds your body. Both essential to live a balanced life.

For Animal Lovers and Protectors

It has come to my attention recently on Twitter, the cruelty to animals and just how prevalent it has become in our violent society. Through the efforts of Animal Rescue Crusade @ARCrusade and Shirley@parlace, and many others, voices of animals are being heard. Here are some other voices I would like to share. Michael Mountain “Kindness to animals, and respect for all life are the only meaningful foundation for a civilized world.” ..Jon Evans “To inflict cruelties on defenseless creatures, or condone such acts, is to abuse one of the cardinal tenets of a civilized society-reverence for life.” …Albert Schweitzer “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human life.” … Mohandas Gandhi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ” I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” “The measure of a society can be how well its people treats its animals”…………..Please do whatever you can to prevent cruelty to animals by supporting the many wonderful organizations that help the helpless….Thank you for reading..

More Wonderful Oscar Wilde

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” “The Consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.”

& more Oscar Wilde

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”…..”The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.”…..”No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”…..”Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”….. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”…..”I adore simple pleasures; they are the last refuge of the complex.”