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Sorry A Bit Rusty

My last post left out a most important word . Dr. Wilson quote should read “‘If you’re always trying to avoid difficult feelings, you might end up cutting yourself off “from love and richness and sweetness.”

Fall Can Be a Season For Building Resilience

Article in todays New York Times by Erik Vance

Change may bring anxiety, but those who learn to accept uncertainty could be rewarded. The words of Erik Vance definitely hit a core within me. September has memories for me that are my happiest and also my saddest.
In my book Circle I compared the beautiful fall leaves to an aging woman . One moment of colorful glory and then dried up crumbling in the street. Obviously I don’t take my own words to heart.
This article ends with a paragraph and words of Doctor Wilson , University of Mississippi professor…… “Autumn will probably always hold some whisper of decay and mortality for humans. But embracing that sadness is important.
If you’re always trying to avoid difficult feelings , you might end up also cutting yourself off “from love and richness and sweetness,”’Dr. Wilson said. This is how life is: sweet and sad , poured from the same vessel in equal measure .”

Another reason in my opinion to practice a mindfulness life philosophy for peace of mind. Make the moments count. Relish and cherish them.


My creativity has been under a mask during pandemic. Well it’s over and it’s time to write again, even small posts . I hope everyone is well and back to living the new normal . My new idea is to have more community tables in local restaurants. Too many people alone in their apartments not always happy to eat alone. I’m fortunate to have friends to eat with. I would still like the choice if I feel like going out to sit with others . People need people. Yes, if you feel like being alone, you’ll always have the choice.
a few times, I have seen women eating alone and asked if they would like company. Always a yes and conversation was easy and appreciated the gesture.
I’ve spoken to several restaurants and now wait and see.
stay well everyone💌