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A touch of Spring inside and 40 degrees outside

Marea Central ParkSouth NYC

Beautiful setting, Delicious food and impeccable service. Celebrating a dear friends Happy Birthday🎈

My Favorite Sunflowers

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Paris and Provence Exhibit.. Monet

First Day of Spring

🌾🥀🌹🌸🌼Somewhere. Not NYC. Expecting 12 inches of snow🙄

How Long Do I Know You!! How Well Do You Know Me??

I wrote in my book Circle that family and friends can be our “emotional transfusions.” My favorite quote about friendship: “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca……..Quality over quantity works for me. It’s not how long you know someone, it’s about them “getting” you, not judging you. Trying to explain yourself to a friend is a waste of your energy……..Years can melt away when the substance is made of ice, instead of steel.

March 11 2018 What Could Have Been

we would have been married 62 years today. Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be. I’m forever grateful for almost 50 years together.

Not a coincidence . At the Met today, A Bouquet of Sunflowers by Monet was right in front of me . Your loving energy lives on always giving me signs🌻🦋✨💫💞

Serendipity…. Claude Monet Bouquet of Sunflowers 3-11/18

Look whose positive energy was waiting for me at The Metropolitan’s new exhibit . Parks and Gardens… Paris and Provence. You were with me!! 💞🦋🌻 We we’re also there together. Forever missing you.

NYC Garden In March

Off Madison Avenue in the East 80’s … a beautiful small garden in front of a magnificent townhouse. I feel like a tourist in my own city.

Steel cut organic oatmeal

Good idea and even better when you add… cinnamon, crunchy almond butter, raisins , apples, sunflower and pumpkin seeds , blue berries…

Wonderful new play