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September Morning

Neil Diamond has a touching song called September Morning. I love the melody and lyrics. This September I may just have happy memories to replace a very sad September morning almost twelve years ago. I practice meditation and yoga, and try very hard to live with magical thinking, but also reality based. If there is anything to write about I will. At the moment it’s just a lovely moment in time.
He travels the world and is totally selfless and interesting how he gives of himself. A relationship would never be……..on the other hand, a memory that would be everlasting isn’t such a bad idea at my age, or any age. When will an opportunity like this happen again? I can’t predict. We spent a lovely evening together in Virginia.
To keep in touch we text. If nothing else, I have met a very interesting man. Someone I’ve not met in all the years of being a widow. No one that matters. No one I would ever like to be with.
I believe strongly in serendipity as he does. It’s all about……if meant to be, it will be.
…………and I will play September Morning, some morning in September.