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For Dog Lovers Only: Embarassing Moments

Taking Lucky, my Havanese canine grandson for a walk on Central Park West, he sniffs and greets many new friends. Most embarrassing to observe his friendliness with other dogs, male and female. During the sniff and greet, the humans just watch without saying too much. I mean what do you say in such an intimate moment. After a minute or two, I usually say “well Lucky, you said hi and now we must be going.”
We arrive home and I use wipes in all areas that need attention, including his paws, (after all, he is a NYC resident.)_Also wipe his mouth and nose, because I find it difficult to resume our relationship when I just witnessed him just being a dog……… but how can you resist giving and receiving a kiss from someone who loves you unconditionally? I certainly can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I visit family in Virginia or California, it takes me a while, as I call it to re-entry after three weeks away. I remember traveling with my husband on long flights, and even if we got home at 3am body time, I would do a load of wash. Never considered myself obsessive, just organized. I need to unpack and wake up to a settled place giving me peace of mind. I left California after a glorious three-week family fun time, and ended up on the red-eye. I was trying to get the best fare when I booked on Jet Blue, and after I made the reservation realized I would be flying all night. The price wasn’t worth the five hours of steering the plane. Felt I was productive writing in the dark because I didn’t want to disturb the two people next to me who fell asleep before the plane took off. Guess they realized I was taking care of the co-piloting and could rest. A zombie left the plane after landing and arrived back at my apartment at 6am. Actually without any little white pill help, I fell asleep at 8am until 1pm. For the first time, needless to say not able to wash clothes without a washing machine in my New York apartment, I just sort of unpacked the few things I packed and let hang out. Why I need to take so many products is beyond my comprehension. It has to do with more practicality than over packing, not wanting to make a drug store stop when I have everything I need to bring. Now, getting back to my normal way of life takes about three days of slowly putting everything back where it belongs. Go through mail, throwing most of it out. Travel things away, cosmetics and all the other stuff in their proper places, and hang the clothes back in the closet. Some people can leave suitcases and everything out for days. I am not one of them. I needed to devise a method to all this unpacking madness and not leave my apartment for two days without a moments guilt. It was easy. The weather is absolutely beautiful in New York with no humidity right now. Not for me it isn’t. I put the shades down and said there is no way I can go out in this blizzard. The snow is drifting and the ice on the sidewalks dangerous. So here I am, able to stay in my apartment doing my re-entry my way. I have to go out tomorrow and know for sure this imaginary blizzard will melt in 84 degree temperature. Today it is 82. Re-entry almost complete, except for a pile of magazines I need to read. Another summer blizzard may be in the forecast for next week.

Happy Story

My friend Vivian called me from Florida with a lovely story.
She was at the beauty salon, and a woman was paying her bill and chatting with the receptionist. My friend overheard the woman say that her birthday was 7/11, to which Vivian responded by saying “that’s my birthday too.” The woman quickly responded, “I’m going to be 96 and my husband is 101’……..and with that said, she left the salon, keys in hand, went into her car and drove off.
I love this story!!!!

URA Warrior and Bershan Shaw

I have several posts including Self Love on this blog. I write under the name paula paulette and will have a new one about how to age in a most graceful way, providing of course you are fortunate enough to have your health. I recently met a man at a graduation party. He just turned 60. He has a beautiful lovely wife and children. I was in a state of shock when he told me he doesn’t think he will live a long life and wants to die at 75. Being older than that, to say I was upset was putting it mildly. Of course he is in the finance business, and me being of a creative mind, we could have been from different planets. He was on Lipitor and said he was going off soon. I asked him if he had diabetes would he go off insulin? He seemed to understand that. Seems a healthy man is already doing his countdown, or in golf terms, on the back nine. I prefer the woman in the latest O The Oprah Magazine, who is 100 and still teaching and looking wonderful. Having wisdom to share. Instead of fearing aging, why not embrace. The Golden Years may not be all that golden, but at least give them a try. The alternative is not so great!