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Kindred Spirits

You never know when you will have someone in your path. People come in and out of your life for reasons we might not understand at the time. Kindred Spirits have a soul connection that happens rather quickly. It can be as mundane as chatting on the crosstown bus, Lovely Land of Twitter, or for the matter anyplace you happen to be. Generally a smile is the beginning, but if on social network, it can be an emotional smile across the miles.  Spiritual minds do think alike…..someone else might read this and think, CRAZY….but then again someone you might have known in another lifetime is right in your path…..again.


Friends can’t walk in your shoes, but they can walk by your side.

A Toast to All

Over 50 years ago, I toasted to my husband ,and my family knows that with every occasion, I use the same words. I pass them on once again, and to all my new wonderful followers on Twitter. It has been a fantastic validating experience to be in a place with such diversity and kindness. “I wish you what you wish for yourself.” A dear friend of mine on Facebook responded to something I wrote. “Never let someone’s negative energy be contagious to you.” She wrote about staying away from the “energy vampires”. On Twitter, a follower said the way to keep away the “energy vampires” is with garlic and the Buddhist chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Whatever positive emotional and physical empowerment you use is essential, and of course recognizing the person or thing…the “energy vampire” cannot survive near positive energy.

The Words of Daisaku Ikeda

President of Soka Gakkai International, a lay Buddhist association pursuing the value of peace, education, and culture. I find his words timeless and hope you find some enjoyment. Just a sampling. ‘Genuine happiness can only be achieved–when we focus on ‘being more’ rather than simply having more”…..”Increase your joy by doing the good you wish to have done to you”…. “Before comparing yourself with others, win the battle with yourself.Strive to be better than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today”…..”Art is the liberation of the humanity inside yourself.”…. “Life is by nature a process of ongoing challenge and constant change. The important thing is not to be fearful…..Boldness builds a strong self.”…. “Friendly greetings serve as an opening to heart-to-heart exchange from which we can set out onto the great ocean of friendship”….”When we draw strength from within,our outlook undergoes a dramatic transformation, everything around us looks completely different.” “The greatest tragedy in life is not to die, it is to live as if dead to let the life within us wither.” “Never give up. Never retreat.”

Experiencing through the eyes of children

“When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you. If your heart is in your dream. No request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star. As dreamers do. Fate is kind. She brings to those who love. The sweet fulfillment of their Secret longing and more.” Words by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington from Disney 1940 Pinocchio. Ageless. How many of us wish upon the first star we see? How many of us emotionally experience the colors of the rainbow? We should never lose the childlike way to enjoy life. Not childish, but to see through the eyes of a happy child. Never ending joy.

Feather in the Wind

There are special times when you meet someone, and immediately, there is a connection, not specifically romantic, but emotional. Perhaps from the past if spiritual enough to understand the meaning. I do. I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason, and whether family or friends, in the best positive way. Building friendships can be the foundation to your well being….and then, there are the others, and their emotional bent is like a “feather in the wind.” But, I prefer “the others.”..and for me that is the definition of love.

Make a difference…Simple acts of kindness are so simple..

Buddhist practice instills doing quiet acts of the “awakened one.” My preference is doing, not necessarily talking about, but recently had an experience I would like to share. A twitter follower asked “what’s your normal day like.” I tweeted yoga, a little chanting, and try to make a difference. Riding to Penn. Station in New York City, the charming driver from Ecuador, started the conversation. Somehow, age got in the mix. 78, with a very normal ego, not enlarged at all, it’s quite lovely to be taken for younger. Edwin was very complimentary and we started to chat. He asked me what I do in regard to food and exercise. I mentioned yoga, walking, and then for the ride to the station, proceeded to act as his new-found nutritionist. He said he sits all day, and often has diet soda, chips, and fast food. By the way, instead of loud music, a classical radio station was on. I complimented him on his choice, and smiling told him Tchaikovsky Winter Daydream was playing and it was over 100 degrees outside. He told me he plays the station for his favorite customers. Since I was a first timer, I was flattered. So, on to a quick nutrition lesson with the time allowed. I told him I eat close to a cup of mixed nuts daily. Walnuts, almonds, filberts, and pecans…never putting weight on, and of course fruits and veggies. He was repeating everything I said and planned on writing it all down. I steered him away from fast foods and suggested he keep a little bag of nuts and cut up colorful veggies for snacks. He interjected “what about raisins, and before I was able to say “just a few,” he quickly interjected, “maybe not, because of the sugar.” He was a quick learner, having earlier told him about the perils of soda, diet soda, sugar, bad fat, and too much salt, and white flour. We quickly became food friends. A difference was made Thursday morning. A quote from a past blog….”when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” We arrived at the station, and as I left he said, “salads are good right?” and then added “but guess not too much dressing.” A+ I told him and we said goodbye to each other. A lovely beginning to my day.

Creative Souls

There was a room filled with creative people. They all believed in themselves and their dreams. They wanted their talents to be recognized. After what seemed to be forever, one by one, they left, discouraged by little or no validation for all they hoped for. Only one person was left in the room. The door opened and opportunity said come in………………………….

Her wonderful spirit

I have a friend Edith, who is 96, with wisdom pouring out of her pores. She has a favorite saying, and I quote “You take yourself wherever you go.” I visit her at a senior residence. She has never complained in the nine years that I know her. Everyone fortunate enough to be in her path, loves her. “This is my family” she tells me, because she has none. She wanted children, but she wasn’t able to have them. She graduated college when few women did. She married and divorced quickly. “He was a mama’s boy” she told me. She was an only child and welcomed back with open arms after her divorce. She became a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Dogs became an integral part of her life, especially Bichon Frises, and she even became a judge for the breed. Her room is adorned with large photographs of the two she raised and loved. She went to a hotel in upstate New York one weekend, and met her second husband. She adored him, but their time together was short. He was 20 years older, and she became a young widow, and never dated again. She told me he was the love of her life. I spent what would have been my 50th wedding anniversary with her. She comforted me with her soothing words. “We had men who loved us.” We disagreed on only one issue. When she moved to the residence about 14 years ago, because she so disliked living alone, she met a man. He gave her wonderful little stuffed dogs. He said he was too young for the place, and wanted out, and he so wanted Edith to move with him to California. They spent time together…..but, it was what I wished for her, not what she wanted. He left, she stayed. I would love to be able to celebrate Edith on her 100th birthday. She tells me not to look for another man in my life. “He will come to you when the timing is right.” I believe Edith. My mother’s name was Edith…………….My wonderful beautiful friend Edith passed away  March 7 peacefully. She was 97. I will miss her and love her and of course, will always remember her words and wisdom. I was lucky to have her in my life for ten years. Rest in Peace my loving Edith.

A Personal Story : Allegory/Alleglory

There once was a woman who lived alone. She sang soulful songs at a local café. A very very young man played tenor sax at the same club. He was into his own music. Playing smooth jazz, his body moved slowly to the sensual beats and rhythms of the sounds he created.
The woman watched and listened to him. Their mood evoking music connected them in a strange, almost mystical way.
For eight years, they said hello to each other——one word only. And the years went by, and he was still a very very young man.
One night, after an unusually long set, they said more than hello. Many phone calls later, talking about everything, Mr. Tenor Sax, Hank told singer Maude that he wanted to be with her. He thought about her. He found her attractive. He desired her. Singer Maude was so very flattered. She created lovely fantasy moments thinking “when will something like this ever happen to me again?” But Maude knew, she would never separate the music from the lyrics. She could never have one without the other.
She kept a small picture of Mr. Tenor Sax on her window sill. One morning, a white pigeon perched on the sill, took the picture, and flew away.
……… and just like that, Maude knew desire without love, would never be played again.

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