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Beyond Easy and Delicious

My sister-in law loves shopping for food, chopping and cooking foods of all varieties, and then enjoying them. She offered me what looked like a pancake triangle. I tried and it was delicious and only two ingredients and probably the simplest thing to make. Two ingredients.
So you mash one banana. Add 1 egg and mix together. That’s it. You can always top it with berries or whatever, but delicious as is. Add a small tsp of olive oil or less to a non stick pan and put in the mixture making sure all even. When done on one side, nice and brown, flip over and Voila!!!!!! A Banana Pancake…….

Grateful That I Broke My Wrist…..Only

Sorry I haven’t been on, but difficult to type with broken wrist still healing.
So excuse typos. I was at the Met Museum multitasking . Walking down the stairs and talking and skipped a few. Landed on my arm on the concrete.
The next day a neon green cast. If you have a broken wrist and have a choice of colors, you might as well go for neon chartreuse .
I was leaving for Virginia for almost three months and also had doctor there to take off cast in 6 weeks. Off and healing.
The point to this post. I was told same place someone fell and broke two wrists.
So as I was told by family and friends. Could have been so much worse. Hips, elbows, feet, legs, jaw, nose, mouth . Every part could have been affected.
So no whining , it’s temporary and will heal.
I am so grateful it was just my wrist. My dominant wrist though.
“I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet.” Helen Keller
Not complaining and grateful it was just a wrist 🌺