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“Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back.”’

Back in Virginia

It was a strange surreal year, never thinking I would be traveling again and visiting my second favorite family and friends State and my better State of Mind. Everyone tells me I sound happier here. In NYC I have my family and a few friends. And a new wonderful friend . Sonia and I are both Taurus and we had instant friendship, Most everything I do has a ticket attached. Well, all venues were closed and I stayed isolated most of the time. Visiting my son, daughter in love and granddaughter eased the pandemic for me and Sundays were a joy. My birthday was a virtual one. We all had dinner from a fabulous restaurant Marea and a cake too . Each in our own space. We made do. The masks ?? I rarely went out because walking and sort of breathing with a mask didn’t work very well. My desk looked like a pharmacy. Wipes, masks, more wipes and every sanitizing liquid. Paper towels and toilet tissue lived under my bed. The telephone was my emotional tool talking every day, many times a day to family and friends. My granddaughter thought I was dealing very well being alone. I wanted to continue to inspire her and not think of jumping off the roof too often. I value her professional opinion as well since she recently received her Masters, and will be working as a therapist in family counseling .
So now fully vaccinated with a sense of peace. Not always wearing the mask and back in Virginia. Suburban life style instead of city life. Not alone. Living and loving once again being with my sister in law and my Virginia loves. I have been to more parties, cocktail times, wine tasting, dinners and patio parties. and events since May 25, then the last years in the city. Only one wonderful woman Sam had fantastic holiday and dance parties and she has moved. When settled she said she’s going to continue.
So why don’t I entertain? Very simple. I just don’t feel like it. Before I was a widow, I did. Now I don’t and no one I know does. My daughter in loves dear friend Sue has holiday dinners. They are festive and fun. Bottom line. I have more fun in Virginia. Best news . My sons and granddaughter visiting in August. My nephew will be visiting too. Have Outer Banks Beach week to look forward to. All my Virginia loves will be together. Chatting with my sister in law every day and night is perfect. Her daughter and family a few blocks away and my niece and great grand nieces the bonus and joy.
NYC is my home and I leave the exquisite shades of green and all the trees and flowers , all I love, and in a cab from Penn Station I see buildings. I’m alone again. But not for long. I will see my city loves soon and feel forever grateful to have New York New York And Virginia. Very grateful🤗