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Virginia Woods From The Train

The tress are welcoming me to Virginia. A little sunset, the bonus. As seen from the train. Two months of fun family love. No dramašŸ„°

camp costume exhibit Met… Tiffany

Tick TockšŸŒˆ The Years Go By

I need to practice ā€œless is more.ā€ Otherwise, I will Ā get all emotional and end up embarrassing those I love the most. So keeping it simple. My youngest grandchild , my only granddaughter, will be finished with college Ā tomorrow . Leaving Thursday to experience her achievements. Well deserved honors, three graduations. My two grandsons graduated college last year. Ā Spent their college years in a very positive way. Always thinking of those less fortunate.

What I know…..My three grandchildren, in their own way, I have no doubts, will make this world a better place, a kinder place, and a place that deserves them.

Proud??? Is there a stronger word? Above and beyond proud and forever grateful they are in my life.