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Social Noise

I was invited to a lovely event. Swan Lake Ballet. Then a cocktail party for 250 people after the ballet. I knew two people. The two I was with. I felt that I needed to announce that I don’t do very well making conversation with so many I don’t know. What I know is myself. I’m friendly and quite secure with one on one. If I needed to be outgoing for business I would be able to easily. Fortunate the two women I was with respected my wish to quickly find a table and people watch alone. I was with a very close relative and a close friend. They didn’t question or judge my need not to mingle.

We walked into a huge room and all the tables were taken. Small cocktail tables. Karma was on my side. I spotted one lone table in the back and made a fast beeline securing the table.

The three of us had a fun conversation and not one word of just social noise.

A lovely evening. Without!!!


I realized how important trust is. How rare you can truly trust someone to do the right thing. To be genuine and have integrity isn’t always a given.

What’s most important is to trust yourself to make the right decision. Be careful what you say to someone. Trust in your own intuition. The less you confide, the better the outcome.

I haven’ t written in a while, but wanted to share a little thought with a large impact.

Happy Winter All