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Granny Gown….(saved—believing in the Power of Family Love)

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I purchased a long flannel Granny Nightgown from the Vermont Country Store. Warm flannel fabric with hearts and flowers with little red buttons down the front. Quite different from the exquisite  silk negligees I was used to wearing.

At that place in time, I visited by brother and sister- in law living in  Virginia… I left things for my next visit. One was my granny gown for cold bitter nights

Too many years passed and for many reasons without a visit.

Once again, eleven years ago, visits resumed and became love fests. Family Fun Love.

The very first visit, I was surprised and very emotionally moved when Viorica, my sister-in-law handed me a bag. Inside were the few things I left so many years ago, including the gown in pristine condition.

I now look forward to my wonder-filled visits and, on bitter cold nights, wearing my pretty and practical sleep gown.

The years have passed, and I am now a GaMa and Viorica a GaGa.

Some things like love, are everlasting

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”   George Santayana

(when it works, it’s everything)


Valentine’s Day Day….Go Away

mother nature is a man and other observations..

This was originally posted on URAWarrior February 2014. February 2o16.. So this year , no new love, but having fun family love time in Virginia. Celebrating my niece’s father in laws birthday on 14th. Lovely celebration. Forever grateful for the most important joys in my life ❣💗💓💗💌💓🌈🌷🌺

Three women. One widowed for nine years, one woman divorced unhappily for fifteen years, and one woman married and miserable for forty-five years. Their solid friendship for many years cemented by their sense of self and sense of humor, One woman asked the origin of Valentine’s Day. The other two chimed in “who cares.” …..but, said the first woman. In 1537 England’s King Henry V11 declared February 14th the holiday St.Valentine’s Day. So would any of us prefer King Henry to our own company? Absolutely not the three said and laughed.

So what to do on a totally commercialized romantic evening? I love you…

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