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A Note to Santa

mother nature is a man and other observations..

Dear Santa,
How about Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men, Women, Children, and Animals…..Let Kindness Reign…Please…     This was originally written December 23, 2013. What has changed for the better? Innocent people are still being killed. War is still with us. Child and animal abuse still going on. Women still struggling to have rights. When do things get better? Trump or Clinton will actually do something that hasn’t been done before? I try to  live a positive mellow life as best I can, but not feeling safe in my own city is frightening, and that is getting worse not better. I meditate and practice yoga and the philosophy of Buddhism, but at times, the news that I try to avoid is always there. The simple answer is just to live our own lives with kindness and the larger answer? There are no answers.

May all who reads this be healthy…

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The Blues…..

We are told over and over again how to find  happiness. I for one decided to write about perhaps not necessarily looking for happiness. A post in work about being ok is ok. It’s an illusive emotion, and not something you feel automatically every morning. Yes, there are some very cherry people who are fortunate to have that gene. I work on it with my 24/ 7 therapist (me)  every day. Losing my husband and my life as I knew it,tested my strength if I was going to be able to breathe again, let alone feel “happy.”

What works for me is knowing that everyday is not filled with happy thoughts and feeling fabulous. I was at a social event many years ago and a prominent psychiatrist was  talking about just this subject. I lightly said, “if you have four great days out of seven, is that a good record? His answer….”fantastic.” So the big point I’m trying to make here, is that we all live with voids, some greater than others. We all live with regrets and guilt. Have always felt both of those emotions are a total waste of time and energy. Every mistake, is a life lesson and let it go. My grateful list is way larger than my void list. Never take good health for granted. If you have that, you have pretty much everything. The rest is a bonus. The family and friends in you life, are as I have always written about, your emotional transfusions. To be loved by those you love is one of life’s great joys. I have that and more.

So if it’s a gloomy rainy day, and the holidays are fast approaching and once again New Years Eve is not the gala celebration it once was, just rejoice in what was and what could still be.

…….and the blues…Well, google the 100 Greatest Blues Songs and either sing along or dance as if no one is watching….

2016 and a New Year that I hope for all, including me, to be filled with good health, safety, and joys. Maybe even a few hopes and dreams becoming a reality.

Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, and I would like to wish all my followers the most beautiful holiday season filled with joy, nourishing food, family, and friends…and the most important…good health to enjoy it all.

A few updates. I was going to write about comparing Tinder to Stitch and decided after leaving Tinder rather quickly, that there is no comparison. One allows anyone to be on, and the other verifies so you feel safer when seeing profiles. Another feature for men and women who would like to travel or meet in a non threatening atmosphere like an event, Stitch provides that atmosphere. Have I met someone? No, but that’s a reason to write about finding another love. For me, maybe not. Still a maybe thought, just not a priority.  I enjoy running events at the Comic Strip because a great reason to laugh together. I recommend Stitch as an alternative to internet dating sites. They are always willing to help whenever a tech issue comes up, or any other problem. Very important.

Also updating…A Short Sad Story is still A Short Sad Story…..Sadly…..but way behind me emotionally so that’s good. Allegory,Alleglory?  In some form of keeping in touch. Not a friend except in the tech world. Always will be an acquaintance. Regrets? Such a waste of time as is guilt.  When Bershan Shaw gets her site updated I will be writing for URAWarrior again. In the meantime, working on a piece about Happiness.  What is the illusive emotion many seem to search for.  I know for me, contentment and forever grateful is far more important, because its easier to attain.

During this year, have met many new friends and you know who you are. Beautifies my Friendship Garden. So many more beautiful flowers. Toxic plants are all gone.

May The New Year bring everyone some hopes and dreams that become a reality. I’ll drink to that. I value all of you who support and enjoy my words. Cheers!!!!!!