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Know Thyself!

Getting to know yourself is a good beginning. Getting to like yourself is the beginning of a healthy relationship. Getting to love yourself is an everlasting friendship. It is extremely beneficial to get to know the person you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with, and may I add taking extremely good care.

Age is just a # with a little limitation

Well, I re read my post at least three times and still a “senior moment.”. The magnificent Ellen Burstyn, I forgot to mention is 80. A perfect example of 80 is the new 50. She is a woman to be admired and probably proud to be 80.

Age is just a #, not a limitation

I read a tweet that resonated with me in a huge way. Age is just a number, not a limitation….and it was tweeted by a 17-year-old boy. Women of a “certain age” seem to find it difficult to get acting roles. So, I decided to do a little research , and check on the ages of some working actresses, and couldn’t leave out Joy. I was blown away Sunday evening, when Ellen Burstyn accepted her Emmy for Political Animals. She looked gorgeous, and in her short speech, she especially thanked the writer Greg Berlanti who wrote a part “for a woman over 65 who still had a lot of juice.” Additional “juice” to share. Blythe Danner..70.. Dame Helen Mirren..68..Cher..67.. Diane Keaton..67..Carol Channing..91..Betty White..92..Angela Lansbury..88..Cloris Leachman..87.. Debbie Reynolds..81.. Maggie Smith..79..Chita Rivera..80..Tina Turner..73.. Carol Burnett..80..Joy Beher..70..Dame Judy Dench..78..Shirley MacLaine..79..Vanessa Redgrave..76.. Jane Fonda..76..Barbra Streisand..71..Cecily Tyson..79..This is a partial list, and I know left out so many, but the point wasn’t to just make a list. These women are fantastic role models. proving that age is just a number, and in no way, a limitation. Their creative juices runneth over, and may they continue for years to come. The message applies to all women. Not just a silent list, but a statement loud and clear. As Chelsea Handler shouts out, “You go girl.”

Size Matters, Guys

At my age, with some interesting experiences, I feel I can speak with honestly on this subject.I have been involved in women’s issues for over 50 years, and speaking to hundreds of women, I feel I speak for them as well. So, size does matter. Let’s start with the eyes…large enough to really see you in all your glory…nose…large enough to take in your lovely scent and the aroma of you…lips…large enough to know how to kiss over ten seconds…over and over again…over and over again…ears to hear the music ..Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange for a start, would be mood evoking…arms and this is important…large enough to give a really good hug, that keeps that you really feel…and keep feeling even after…size of a man’s patience to wait for you…and two very important sizes? The size of a man’s heart to know what your heart needs to know and feel, and the size of a man’s soul that overflows enough to fill yours. So yeah guys, size really does matter. ………………..I also think it should be compulsory for every freshman boy to see Coming Home with Jon Voight and Jane Fonda.

Umbrella Etiquette in New York City

If you live or visit the city, a tip re umbrellas. Imagine this visual. Many people walking side by side in a row, some coming towards you, and then the ones in back of you, all carrying umbrellas of every size. ( wind umbrellas are carried by those in the know) You would prefer not having your eyes attacked by spokes. What to do? Hold your umbrella high above your head as you approach others………………..and just like that, a magical moment. A street of Mary Poppins…………………No one was hurt, or seen flying over the city.

Albert Camus

I have new followers on Twitter and wanted to once again share this quote. “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead, Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me, and be my friend.”

To Barry

9/13/32 A Heartfelt tribute for my husband who died nine years ago this week, or was it yesterday! Soul connected love never dies. His energy and spirit comforts and sustains me. I believe, therefore it exists. He was one of the “great guys.” An extraordinary man who had the capacity to love and the joy of being loved, by all whose lives he touched. He is missed everyday of every year. Time doesn’t always heal. A sudden rude interruption of his life, so suddenly, with no time to prepare. Unbearable grief. I don’t live for a new fantasy love, but relish in the reality of what I do have in my life…and so very grateful. My children, my grandchildren, my friends, good health and never taken for granted. I exalt in our mutual love. I call them my emotional transfusions. I was in love with a man who loved me back, one of life’s great joys. I will forever love and celebrate you dear Barry. The butterfly and the sunflower forever, for ever.

Tag lines on my blog

I always give credit to the author, unless my quotes. On my blog I have two tag lines I would like to give credit. “Longing for the past, is like chasing after the wind.” Russian Proverb…and “A woman can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of her life.” Coco Chanel.

Central Park NYC

Walking my canine Havenese grand-dog on West 95th. Street, I was taking in a beautiful fall day in the city I love. Instead of him walking on concrete and marking yet more concrete, I decided to go into the park. He was enjoying the lush greens of the park as much as I was…except for one minor issue. So much grass, so much time to mark. He literally was stopping to pee every ten seconds, and instead of gently pulling him onward, I realized, he too wanted time to smell the flowers. It was indeed, a beautiful walk in NYC.

Enchanting, Enduring, and Ever Loved Carol Channing

This past holiday weekend, the fabulous Carol Channing was visiting the Fire Island community of Cherry Grove.. “She submitted gleefully to questions and prods from Justin Vivian Bond, the transgender performer, who interviewed her for about an hour.” She spoke about her career, and even though she was on the road a great amount of time, she raised her son, Channing Lowe, who is a prizewinning political cartoonist. She said “she has a genuine and untroubled sense of joy for her work”, including 5.000 “Hello Dolly” performances. My friend Edith who is 96, was also raised by Christian Scientists parents. Maybe there is something about avoiding doctors, since Carol Channing was also raised the same way and going strong at 92. When she was 16 she was told her father was half black,and she said “I thought I had the greatest genes in show business.” I think of Carol Channing as a national treasure, and she has become one of my role models, of course, Betty White as well. When working, she remarked “To be so appreciated, is something every human being should experience.” So, on to your 100th celebrated hopefully in good health dear Carol Channing.