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Sad News. What To Do???? I know

I remember when a friend died, and I wrote about what to do with her name in my phone book. That was easier because I knew she would not want to be crossed out in black, so I used a neon pink to just put a line through, and then when I needed a new phone book, she was no longer there.
Now in this era of Facebook I’m not sure what I’m comfortable with doing. I was shocked to hear of Aria’s death on Facebook. Her daughter put a notice in, with memorial plans for her Mother in Florida. She passed away April 7th after being in the hospital since January with an infection.

I met Aria at a few Stitch events and we had an immediate connection. We kept in touch occasionally, and always planned on getting together when she came back from Florida. She was a beautiful woman from inside out and her job and passion was working with underprivileged women and children. As many described her on Facebook, “she was a magnificent person.”
I was able to delete her email because it would be sad to always see her name and address.
I’m wondering what anyone reading this does when this happens to you. Please share.
I know that I’m not unfriending Aria. The spiritual side of me and she had the same old soul, guides me to leave her as a friend.
What better friend than a guardian angel. Rest in Peace Dear Aria.


It’s my birthday month. When my husband was alive we celebrated all holidays and occasions with gusto. I still do. I hear people complain about yet ” another birthday”. Well what’s the alternative? Of course the mirror will show you don’t look the same. If you’re healthy you can feel the same. One of my favorites. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were.” Satchel Paige. I know people who are healthy in body, but their mind told them they were old……at 70. Not for any physical reason, they just gave up and it got worse with each year. They are in their 80’s still bitching. I love positive nourishing friends. We exalt in still being here and doing what we feel like doing. The word grateful is in my vocabulary now, even more than usual. So much to be grateful for and that never goes away. I am grateful I am healthy and can celebrate. I’m not overly vain so I don’t scrutinize myself in the mirror. Of course I see differences….smile more and it’s somewhat of an immediate facelift. There are less invasive options if you want to plump up the hollows. I find candle light the best. If by some miracle, I have a date, it’s always night-time and why not!!!. Lighting is a simple solution. Back to the grateful list….I have children and grandchildren and will celebrate my birthday with family. Sheer joy. I also have a dear friend since five years old and we live near each other and celebrate together. Happy to have her in my life to enjoy all the city venues we love. I have another dear friend who literally got me published so many years ago. We also celebrate together. Of course I wish my West Coast family were here and my grandchildren….but will enjoy their good wishes and love.
Erma Bombeck, the wonderful humorist, once said she looked in the mirror one morning and said ” who is this old lady that moved in last night?’
My friends in NYC would never consider themselves “old ladies.” Nor do I.. If you think you are, then you are. I have a friend who always talks about old age. She relishes talking about it and I don’t relish hearing about it.
The value of vintage increases with each year. I prefer that term and was used to describe me in the New York Post recent video.
Very grateful to producers Heather, Elettra and Lea, They felt Ronni and I had not only something to say, but important enough to “put out there.” It was paramount that my children and grandchildren would be proud, and they were. Most of my family and friends understood its purpose and for that, forever grateful. When people in your life “get you” at any age, it’s very powerful. Those that judge, perhaps, have their own unhappiness or lack of self-awareness. Ronni and I were not interested in sensationalism. We wanted to discuss a subject that has no reason to be under the covers. To quote one of the producers..” I was extremely happy with it and thrilled that we could put a story like this into the world. It’s long overdue.”
I wish I knew it made a difference in some woman’s life who was inspired to try something she read about, and saw on a video. Perhaps to go shopping at Babeland for her birthday and buy something to experience and enjoy.
As someone once said, “try it, you might like it.” Happy Birthday to me and all who still celebrate……..