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Quarantine Chat

Hopefully a 6 hour train ride will stimulate my creativity. I’ve been trying to write about this wonderful app. I’ve been on since February. It is definitely not a dating site and you chat with people from all over the world and the states. I’ve spoken to over 50. Several new people following my blog. I didn’t start out to inspire, but how lovely when that happens in a very natural way.
Gathering all my stories to do a post I hope everyone will enjoy. If anyone told me something personal, I will not write their story .
So here’s hoping a very long train ride will be productive.

Again wishing everyone to be safe and stay healthy.😘


Experiences can be life changing and wonderful. They can also be a lesson. What I recently learned was to never allow someone’s fantasy to invade your reality. When red flags are flying in your face, good idea to pay attention. I learned something very important. There are those times when unheard melodies are sweeter left unheard.
I feel empowered and emotionally lighter. A wonder-filled feeling .


Life teaches us to be ready for possibilities, especially if hope is in your DNA. Fantasy or Reality?? Who knows where a Scorpio/Taurus destined meeting might go.
“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are .sweeter.” John Keats …perhaps my time has arrived to listen and enjoy different melodies.
Hope you are all well, hopefully vaccinated and safe.💐🌈🧘‍♀️