Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

explaining my blog

I became a very unwilling widow at 70…member of a club I never wanted to join..In the last eight years, I realized if Mother Nature were a woman, there would be so many more choices for women..A 70-year old man in NYC is this years Brad Pitt..a 70 year old woman is a drug on the market..Aging seems to work for men. not so much for women..How many 80 year old women have the choice of being with a younger man..Please tell me your stories. I was involved in women’s issues for over 50 years, volunteering with the police department on a crisis intervention team re: domestic violence and a rape support team at the local hospital, and manning a hotline called Women in Self Help. I am not an angry woman, by the way, but realistic in my fantasy world, the way life ought to be…Just adding that Mothernatureisaman is my attempt at the poignant and often humourous experiences women have when living alone. Not every blog will refer to my experiences as a single woman, but more often. just life as I live it and remember…always trying to have old memories, and new hopes….you never know

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  1. Happy to know that you are so willing to try new challenges ! Vicky

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