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I Wish I Were a Lesbian

I published an article in New York Woman four years ago called I Wish I Were a Lesbian. I wrote what I wanted to be received, as a humorous and poignant bit of a lament being suddenly single after a almost 50 year marriage to a wonderful man..almost 35 were perfection years. It seemed that every woman I met was terrific, genuine, and my favorite word for people, places, and things, integrity…and not all, but pretty much the crop of men were very very limited emotionally..I never went out more than once. I will post the article shortly. I felt validated when a lesbian couple together, for almost 25 years read the article and loved it..printing and sending to many of their friends and the comments were the same…Most women are on the same emotional level and as some very smart married men say, “a happy wife is a happy life.”…but the others who rarely get married, are so closed off emotionally, they have no clue what makes a woman joyful emotionally and physically, and sadly DGAS…A long marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a good team oriented one..the statistics prove that one out of two marriages end…something is wrong, and clearly not just the man’s fault. Romance is such an illusion and lasts about two years for the fantasy of romance, that first glimmer of sheer joy, has to be maintained with mutual respect and care. Most couples are not best friends, and the long marriages that I have seen are basically companionship..and if that works, great…and the rare few that carry on intimacy into their 90’s…how terrific is that!!!! if you have young inept men, unless they become students in the art of how to be a passionate man, sadly a lost cause. In my opinion and experience, a loving Mother teaches her sons to be good husbands….an art form..perhaps a new performance artist at MOMA might be a good idea..or the media in everyway..look at all the books, films, tv shows and the list goes on showing how a woman is satisfied…and statistics show it just doesn’t happen that way..and porno that young boys may that what they use as a manual?..Instead Coming Home with Jane Fonda and Jon Voight should be compulsary in high school for male students along with Clitoris 101…

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  1. graenum schiff said:

    I like what you wrote.

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