Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Once upon a time, I was fixed up on a blind date. The fixer upper was a former match maker in New Jersey, who gave up the “profession” because it was too stressful..perhaps one man for every 30 or more women might have hastened her departure from the search. I never went to any of her events. She called me about 8 months after I became a widow. The first date wanted to marry me on the spot, and said he would even wait 2 years for me to be “ready.” At best, that would have been a difficult engagement, since I wasn’t going to go out with him again. I sensed he was very controlling. I was 70 at the time and considered myself to be somewhat a finished product. Could always use a little tweaking of course. I would have embarked on a better appreciation of Wagner’s five hour opera’s, if I met a man who excelled in that activity. But, this guy told me he was going to teach me to play tennis, his first love, and skiing, his second. He was imagining my lessons,and I was imagining being in the hospital with everything that could be broke…broken..My ego though, was in tact.
So then, she called about Rob. She said he was very nice and dressed great. She told him lovely things about me, and he called that morning. She was kind enough to think of me, and he was intrigued enough to make the drive from New Jersey.
He was very nice, and wearing khaki pants, white oxford shirt under a black cashmere sweater worked for me. He was a man of few words and felt I had to carry the conversation, but didn’t need it to be a camp trunk. Chatting too much, and being nervous is not a good combination. Talking so much, I was bound to say something stupid, and I didn’t disappoint.
We somehow started to talk about our being without spouses. I asked if his marriage had been a romantic one. Patty the Millionaire Matchmaker would have cringed at my question. He answered,”not like yours was.”
And then awkward silence for the next two hours, Just an occasional smile and weather related issues. It was a delightful sunny day, but how many different ways can you describe the climate and for how long?
The next day, I asked my friend what Rob thought of me, having more than a slight feeling, it didn’t go very well. He said “you were a NO.”…and then she added, “but don’t take it personally.” A classic oxymoron????
He was one I would have tried going out with again. Guess a NO is a NO is a NO, and I was a definite NO…never heard from Rob again. Oh well…………………………….

Comments on: "Whatever Happened to Rob?" (3)

  1. Linda F said:

    Very well put
    You are a master if the written word


  2. susan schrenzel said:

    Ohhhhhh,I remember that one!

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