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How Many Opinions????

    How many opinions do you really need, when making a personal decision?. Now, we’re not talking about medical, legal, or all that require expert advice. Just the simple every day decisions that can easily be made by one person…YOU…. or you can turn   into a full blown anxiety attack. I do know women who go shopping to buy something quite simple, like a pair of sunglasses, but it turns into a huge project, spending hours mulling whether they really need  them, and  what store, department or optical should they go to.  Then after asking several sales people what they think, finally  taking them  home for a few more opinions. I was then asked for my opinion about the color and size of the sunglasses. I gave my honest opinion, rather quickly…Yes, they look lovely on you, always mindful that is the way you compliment….and 3 days later, I hear about the return. Seems someone, somewhere, in her apartment building didn’t like them. I’m a firm believer that if you ask 10 opinions, you may very well get 10 opinions. Going shopping in my closet, even for sunglasses, makes life easier and certainly less expensive.

          Now, when it comes to my personal life, decisions are a bit more difficult to make. I still ask myself first before embarking on the journey of who to ask. Who would really  know better than me, and why ask is generally the conclusion I arrive at.

 Faced with a  major personal decison, like should I really be with a man who happens to be  younger, alot younger..really younger,  but thankfully legally younger… What would society think? Would it depend on what part of the country I lived in? Would the friendship work in Kansas?  I wonder about Texas, or heaven forbid Utah!!!  Better stay in New York City, certain parts of California would be ok, but not Orange County, and of course Oregon.,   Getting older is such  a relief.. You worry less about the opinions of others. You base your opinions  on your own experiences, and your common sense, that hopefully ripened  after 65.  You go for it, if you want to go for it. Maybe!  You do what you want, when you want, regardless of the opinions of others..The big BUT….I have never and would never intentionally hurt anyone. So perhaps, I should just stop counting!  So what’s your opinion?

Comments on: "How Many Opinions????" (5)

  1. Whether fantasy or reality he struck gold.

  2. Thank you RL..I like the metaphor………………..alot!

  3. graenum schiff said:

    getting older is not a relief. Age is a thief that robs you of your youth.

  4. Sadly some live with the thief at their back, and happily some ignore. Example, my role model Betty White who is busier than ever, and the list goes on.

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