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Once upon a time

there stood with integrity, a little red house. It started out as a carriage house for horse and carriages that belonged to the people who lived in the big mansion. The mansion was torn down and a Frank Lloyd Wright home was built in its place, but the little carriage house was spared and for sale. It was surrounded by very large homes and if given a personality, would have been different, but proud nevertheless, waiting for someone to move in…humans preferred over horses this time. A couple with two small sons, not only saw the charm in the old house, but the price was right. A few minor changes were made and the family moved in. Soon the scent of fresh baked cookies, apples and cinnamon, sounds of laughter and joy filled the little house. There was a dutch door leading from the kitchen to the little porch, and neighbors always stopped by exalting in the essence the little house had. Holidays were celebrated as well as all occasions, with exhilaration, and the little house thrived as did the owners. The other homes were huge compared to the little red house, but none shone as brightly during the holiday season as the former home to horses and carriages did. A house that was filled with memories of family joys. The boys grew up and the house grew too little for the family. Time to make a decision. The little red house was going to be torn down and a new contemporary home would be built in its place.
A very difficult decision to make, but the land value had to be taken into consideration.

The day before my home was torn down, I went inside by myself and silence surrounded me. Empty of things, but not memories. Since I was a child, I have always given personalities to inanimate objects, and my home was no exception. It was so quiet, and yet the sounds and scents of the years spent were so embedded in my memory. I felt that I had to do something to mark this sad, but at the same time exciting time, since a new home would be soon on the site. I took out a pad and pencil and wrote a note to the little red house apologizing for the tear down, but with sincere thanks and love for the wonderful years, and in reality, it became the foundation for our new home. I try not to dwell too long in the past, but there are times I long for the little red house, my husband, and the two little boys who are now loving husbands and fathers.

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