Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Years ago I went to an astrologer in New York and she was very accurate.She and several others all told me I was a very old soul and at the time, so many years ago, I wasn’t fully aware of what that meant, Having always been curious about the mysteries of the unexplained,  I decided to go to a well known psychic in New York. He is so booked , he asked me not to put his name on my post. I will  respect his wishes.  He prefers that you not talk, but just listen and look at what he has written down.  He was spot on with his observations.  I was excited and full of awe about his predictions, but  shall have to wait and see. I would have liked to have seen him again soon, but he doesn’t encourage anyone coming back for at least two years. I have to say, he was “the real thing.”

Comments on: "Experience with a psychic" (4)

  1. Tell ,me now what he said. I probably will not be here in three years

  2. I know an astrologist (originally from India) who is very spot-on things too. I can’t say that I don’t believe.

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