Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Sometimes we are faced with a personal situation, and if we don’t reign our thoughts in, we overthink, and then end up making the mistake we were afraid of making..a self fulfilling prophecy, not an option for me…too complicated to think about mistakes.. You definitely don’t want to ask opinions, knowing if you ask 10, you will get 10, and your own will get muddled somehow. You of course, don’t want to hurt anyone in the process, but in this case, the only one who would end up getting hurt would be me, and obviously at this age, I no longer have to worry about being “a good little girl,” and will take full responsibility. One opinion that was given is one I do respect highly, from my co-author..( 80,000 word novel we recently finished}…she knows me very well, and said “I don’t know if you could handle it.” I’m not sure either, but in a light mood, I’m apt to feel why not, fully aware that some why nots for the moment turn into what did I dos forever. In an earlier post, I made reference slightly to this situation (Evasive, but necessary for now) and will share more at a later time. I would like to refer to a terrifc comment made by Phaedra on 4/29..She talked about never having regrets and she is in a place in life, and decided it all worked out pretty great, mistakes and all..I really enjoyed her words and I feel the same. It puts your emotions in balance, instead of living with all kinds of regrets, and that only leads to all kinds of guilt in a huge way. Definitely not a hedonist, but just a devout romantic with a lovely opportunity…so many differences, but even more important, so difficult to pass up.

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  1. I am able to edit, once the blog is published and very often I do correct the spelling errors. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Life is a matter of choices and choices have consequences.Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

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