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A sweet day

If you are able medically, a lovely way to start the day is with a few small pieces of very dark chocolate…anything above 85%. It really is quite satisfying, and if not allergic, is very healthy. 90-100% is even better. Also, if you eat several meals a day as I do,, small portions of almonds, walnuts, filberts, and pecans, throughout the day are not only beneficial, but very filling.. Please add any of your own healthy tips..Thanks..I think everyone has something of interest to add.

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  1. If it is healthy to eat dark chocolate, instead of eating a “few small pieces” I find eating the whole dark chocolate bar more satisfying and feel even better!

  2. However satisfying it is to eat the entire chocolate bar, in my opinion, not the healthiest decision.The govenor of New Jersey may have also enjoyed the entire bar..

  3. I would incorporate moderation and only eat 1 bar…the Governor of New Jersey showed a lack of decipline and ate 2 bars.

    • I meant discipline…

      • Not to judge, but seems to me that a chocolate bar that could be 3.5oz.===not such a good idea…will still adhere to the few pieces theory, and I wish you a long healthy life filled with many joys!!!!!………………………….and a few pieces of chocolate to sweeten your day..

  4. Highly energetic article, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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