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Something so simple

I realize certain sounds are just not there when I wake up every morning in NYC. (at least I wake up!) This is not a complaint, just a thought. The simple sounds of birds singing used to give me so much pleasure…the lovely feeling that comes from the inside out. I hear sounds of jazz at Lincoln Center, powerful harmony sounds of a symphony at Carnegie Hall, sounds of laughter so good for the soul, at a favorite comedy club in the neighborhood, sounds of brilliant words spoken on and off Broadway, and the list goes on….but the sweet sounds of birds waking me up are sorely missed. I tried a sound machine and instead of working, almost drove me insane. Happy Weekend to everyone…and take the time to enjoy all the sounds of joy and sounds of silence…whatever works.

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  1. susan schrenzel said:

    Oh dear…..I live a block,literally,away from you and “they” start as early as 4:30 a.m… It’s about 8:p.m. as I write this and they are chirping away. I LOVE the sound. They don’t disturb. There’s something so comforting about it all….It’s life….

    Let me know if you want to “swap” apartment for a night or so.

    • Oh well…My apartment faces a courtyard with cement, no trees, and sadly no chirping..good news, so quiet, I never hear the sirens and trucks..a bit of a tradeoff for the lovely sounds.Thanks for the offer and your comment.

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