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Sleepless in New York

It’s 3:am amd “one of those nights.” Insomnia makes you want to go to sleep in the worst way, and sleep just doesn’t cooperate, and becomes your enemy. So what do I do? I think, and what really happens is everything that has been resolved in my life, becomes unresolved, and the demons who lurk in the darkness are tossing about as much as I am. Overthinkng becomes dangerous to peace of mind, and without discliplined thinking, your mind can take you to dark places. As I have said previously, pity parties are part of life, just don’t stay too long at the party. The grateful list vs the void list works most of the time; grateful always winning.. A good film called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, had a poigant line spoken by Judi Dench who is a 77 year old widow, playing a 77 year old widow. She said when asked about being lonely “you get up in the morning and you do the best you can.” I have practiced Hatha Yoga for over 35 years and balance is very important, both physical and emotional. Hopefully the almonds I just ate will make me sleepy, if not a little dose of xanex when all else fails and off to sleep at 3:30…———————and just like that,a new dawn.

Comments on: "Sleepless in New York" (2)

  1. I agree, dwelling too much on stuff does not help very much.

  2. Even the word dwelling seems to define the past ..Thanks for your comment.

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