Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Scent Memories

I am always looking for the elusive wonderful perfect scent. I remember fondly Faberge Straw Hat, long since discontinued.  Lovely, lilting, lasting scents bring back many memories of the hunt. My husband and I were at the theatre over 30 years ago, and a woman walked by.  I  stood in back of her taking the scent in. I had to find out what it was. The line was moving, and needed to make my move, so quietly I asked “if I may, what is the perfume you are wearing.” She turned around and very sweetly said, Tuberose by Mary Chess and it’s so inexpensive. A large bottle for $7.50″..Of course it became my favorite  until that too was discontinued….and the elegant beautiful woman who gave me the information……Gloria Vanderbilt.

Comments on: "Scent Memories" (2)

  1. susan schrenzel said:

    Only someone with confidence can be that genuine and generous.

  2. …….and so great to see and listen to her on her son’s tv show…Anderson Cooper is so proud of her, and rightfully so…thanks for your comment, as always..

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