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Personal Question

Just arrived home after a delicious dinner at Candle 79…wonderful vegan restaurant. My birthday celebration with two treasured friends. One I have been close friends since we were 5 years old, you do the math, very few people know her age, and the other is my co-author and trying to get our book published. So, my friend from childhood asked if she could ask a rather personal question. I of course said yes,(two glasses of wine) and answered her before she asked the question. I said yes, of course, it’s a natural release and why not, and added the ultimate in self love….and then her question….what kind of soap do you use??? After a few laughs, we decided on our Christmas 2013 grab bag gifts…$20 and we will search for the best soaps…but realized I shared something REALLY personal. Perhaps next time, wait for the question.

Comments on: "Personal Question" (6)

  1. Roberta said:

    Funny !

  2. Soap is a personal thing My favorite soap was Lifeguard but, they don’t make it any more. It had a
    strong medicinal odor and was popular during WW II

    • I do remember that soap and it’s strong scent..never used though. Thank you for your comment. Think it was called Lifebuoy and is availablle on


    so glad I wasn’t “afraid” to ask… yesterday I bought a big,deliciously scented,soft lavender bar of “South of France”. I didn’t think anyone would want me to wait ’til Christmas….
    Also,an Olay body bar with massage design that looks like MARS inverted.

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