Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Very often, observing, not judging, you see marriages lasting over 50 years. Perhaps morphing into a lovely companionship. Physically who knows? The bonus would be intimacy into your 90’s. I just know I would have had the bonus, but then again, who knows? The same with friends. You may have friends for over 50 years, but years may change your circumstances, and unless the friendship has more than longevity, it might be time to let go. Emotional cleansing, I have always said, is just as important as physical cleansing. When my husband died so suddenly, and I could no longer stay in New Jersey with all my memories, I moved to New York. As I wrote in my Garden of Friendship blog, there are times you let go. Knowing for sure why!

Comments on: "Quality vs Quantity….who knows for sure?" (2)

  1. Marianne said:

    Know exactly what your talking about , but do know I would always be with the man I married

    • From what you have always said, you were one of the lucky ones with a wonderful marriage…we both were…thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate.

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