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Food, Your Friend

First and foremost, I am not trained as a nutritionist…all based on what works for me for so many years. True, I have never been overweight, and think I maintained my weight in a positive nutritional way. The definition of a diet in most cases? Lose lbs or whatever and gain more. Diets rarely, if ever work. I have seen people on liquid diets, no carbs, all protein, and the list goes on. Everyone knows discipline is the key word and not to deprive, but moderation, the key. What has worked for me almost my entire life, is never three meals a day. Grazing all day and only eating when hungry. Starting the day with breakfast of course. If you want specifics, I will be happy to go more into details…and you can have dinner food for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner. Nuts have a very bad rap re the fattening word. Actually I eat at least half a cup everyday (raw almonds, filberts, walnuts, and pecans) and never gained. My metabolism is normal, not running wild..If I eat a lot of carbs, salt, and sugar, I would gain weight. All the working out doesn’t work, if what you are putting in your mouth is full of fats and chemicals. Snacks can be great or can put you in an eating frenzy. Years ago, if I was on a bit of an emotional eating “thing” I would get a handful of cereal, and then the frenzy, and I would eat anything that wasn’t crawling. If hungry for a snack, organic (no salt, no oil) popcorn (bag has no chemicals) nuke and then when hot add just some olive oil.. Eating the entire bag? No weight gain….beans, humus, dried fruit (organic) and of course nuts…takes the edge off and will not make you hungrier..If buying organic, I read most important are berries, greens and anything that doesn’t have a thick skin. Just a few tips to start the day. Veggies, raw, the best…. Stores make it so easy, having a huge variety all cut up and ready to eat…so eat healthy and keep your karma nourished as well. Great combination!

Comments on: "Food, Your Friend" (2)

  1. Don’t forget the piece of dark chocolate…

  2. Of course…85% or higher…enjoy!

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