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Love and Marriage

The wonderful almost state of craze feeling, that arrives at the same time as falling in love is wonderful, and seems so effortless. Speaking with many women over the years, why the ease with the falling aspect, but staying in love, for so many, so difficult? Nourishing gardens flourish, as would marriages given some work. Sometimes a little separation can bring couples back, stronger than ever and more wonderful than one would imagine. Something is wrong, when one out of two marriages ends in divorce. I am not putting the blame on one or the other. Marriage works as a team effort and the working is not as difficult as divorce. I have spoken to many women who were divorced and regretted their decisions, and others who went on to a second marriage that was beautiful. No one should be forced to stay in a prison of sorts, but just wondering how many marriages would be saved if both had even a small positive emotion left for one another…Just a thought…I was married almost 50 years and 35 were sheer perfection and joy. When my husband died, part of me died because the life we shared was gone. But, when you have soul connected love, the one loved is never far away spiritually. I feel his energy and spirit every day and that is a great source of comfort.

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