Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


Just a thought today. I have just two male “friends”, and not the Hollywood couple thing, when referring to a lover as a friend. These are in the true sense of the word platonic friends. When we email, I usually sign off Cheers!….seems innocent enough. One man I know for over 50 years. He was the husband of one of my dearest friends who died. He always signs off Love, so I thought, I better do the same or it sounds a bit cold…a rather new friend I met 8 years ago, but really have only had contact for almost a year, signs off xo…Now, that is a quandary. Remember the olden days when we wrote letters? I don’t ever remember doing the xo thing. It was Sincerely yours, Cordially, or as I used to do, With affection or Affectionately. Please know that none of this is earth shattering, just an observation. I see hidden meanings in words at times, when they don’t exist, except in my mind. I very often call people love, and mean it….but the xo thing?…would a man sign off kisses and hugs if he had to write out the xo…I doubt it. I received an email last night with the xo and for some reason I wrote back and just put x…realized it was a mistake, because if I was just going to put one, I think the o less intimate. The things we do, not necessarily to complicate, just a bit of humor…that is all this is about!!!!

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