Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

If you can hug, you can love. How does romantic love exist without knowing how to hug and kiss? A really great hug is a gift from the universe. Something so simple,yet so many have no clue how. I said before, kissing should be considered an art form. Emotional understanding should lead to physical joy. For many couples romantic love leaves too soon, and if not nourished, quickly disappears. Why is the courtship for so many a “state of craze,” that too soon fades. Such an easy fix for a one way track, instead of two trains going in totally different directions. Stuck in negative thought is somewhat like being in emotional quicksand. My husband and I almost made it to 50 years, and I loved when he told me I was never boring and kept our romance alive. Can be as simple as eating by a tiny votive candle and one small flower. It doesn’t get any better…well maybe when your grandchildren tell you, you’re a “cool GaMa.”

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    A hug feels like appreciation of the other,it’s trusting,a welcome and lacks fear to open oneself to closeness. It’s a delicious and too rare expression.Don’t think there’s a good hug and a not so good hug. Either it is or it really isn’t.

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