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In todays New York Times letters to the editor, there were many who felt the criminal justice system didn’t work, starting with the jury selection. African-Americans make up 11.8 percent of the population of Seminole County, but not one single one selected for the jury. A letter written by Tim Lehnert . “The racial dimensions of the Trayvon Martin case have been explored at length. What is rarely mentioned is what is most obvious about this tragic incident. George Zimmerman was walking around a common area (not his own personal property} with a loaded handgun when he confronted Mr. Martin. This is legal in Florida. A citizen “on patrol” should be armed with a cellphone and nothing more. Had this been the case, Mr. Martin would be alive. End of story.”

Comments on: "Analyzing the Zimmerman Verdict" (5)

  1. stacey lippman said:

    I totally agree with your assessment.

  2. Wish I had written the letter because I also agree with his assessment. Thank you love, for your comment.
    Guns are made to kill, people and animals. Hopefully the next generation will realize and make some positive changes.

  3. Agreed!!

  4. Thank you Andy

  5. x-New Yorker said:

    For those who do not remember….30+ years ago, Benard Getz was violently robbed. Since then he decided to carry a concealed weapon with him for protection. While in ‘a common area’ minding his own business and innocently riding the subway home, he was surrounded by 4 teenagers who were up to no good and demanded his money. Before any harm came his way and his legitimate fear for his life…he stood his ground and shot at the 4 youths. All survived. Some of these individuals(all with criminal backgrounds) were later found to be carrying weapons of their own. If he “only had a cellphone” and NOT a gun…he would probably would be dead.

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