Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

I rarely fly business class, my traveling to California is on Jetblue. Taking the train to Richmond Virginia, I usually go business, with more leg room and less aromas. The senior upgrade not costing that much more. When I boarded, the train was half full, with many empty seats. I sat by the window, and spread out my things on the aisle seat with my luggage directly in front. My suitcase is quite heavy. The conductor would have been more than happy to put up on the rack….but I know too well, the feeling of desertion, looking around for someone to take down at my destination. So there I was, all comfy. cozy, and settled in for the six hour ride. Four hours later, a rather unsmiling, unpleasant woman asked to sit in the aisle seat, and would I move my things! I, of course, immediately started to move everything, and thought it unnecessary for her to ask me to move all, when she had to notice I was doing just that, before she asked. Now, everything was moved to my side, with my luggage directly in front of my paid for extra leg room. She had absolutely no reaction to my glancing at all the empty seats surrounding us, including the aisle directly across from mine. I reluctantly thought of a little plan, my comfort level winning over my reluctance. I cough at times, due to allergies, but I gave an Oscar winning performance in the coughing, blowing my nose category. A sneeze wasn’t forthcoming, but the acting out cold symptoms won. The unpleasant germaphobe, left for parts unknown within a few minutes without a word. I immediately moved back to my aisle, shoving all my stuff back to the window seat and floor. Less than five minutes later, a very large woman fell right in my lap, grazing my ear. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, nor was I…except perhaps a slightly bruised karma for the impromptu performance I gave. The fallen woman got up with a sweet smile and lovely apology, I wanted to tell her that I would rather have her fall on me, than an unpleasant one sit next to me. The next two hours flew by without any problems.

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