Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

  • Once upon a time, I knew of a land called Twitter. I also knew I would never venture into such a strange and unfamiliar place. I had preconceived ideas that it was a land mostly inhabited by teenagers and celebrities tweeting about what they ate and when they went some place, any place. I also knew that most of them had assistants doing their tweeting. In March I started my blog and went on Facebook. April, my birthday month, was when I took the risk of going on Twitter, still thinking it was foolish on my part. How wrong I was. Not only does the world become a smaller place, the Twitter world can also be a very gentle place, overflowing with people who think and feel as you do….about all that matters to you. The connections can be quite heartfelt, and common bonds with those of all ages, (not mine though) all colors, and from all parts of the world and country. At times the connections become so meaningful that email addresses are exchanged as well. I am proud to say that this day brought my 500th follower…Bill from Buffalo and I thank him for following me. All my followers are mutually chosen, and I am not really interested in buying followers which can be done. A definite smile moment when everyday the element of surprise enters my morning. Might be a new follower, a RT or a fave…because my words are appreciated, I have received enormous validation. What was once an alien world has become my neighborhood. Try it, you might like it. I send again to all my followers, a sincere thank you, and for making me feel so welcomed. Foolishness? Not at all…Meaningful…you bet!
  • Comments on: "Twitterland/The Land of Twitter" (4)

    1. Linda Fanburg said:

      Right on Xoxo LF

      Sent from my iPhon

    2. i endorse what you are doing on twitter.

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