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My blog has never been political, nor am I. In fact, the older I become, the more apolitical I become. It is frustrating, and the feeling of helplessness comes to mind. No matter who I vote for, it seems our job is to invade other countries. Ban Ki- Moon, Secretary general of the United Nations said “the situation should be resolved in a peaceful way through dialogue.” I have taken a few quotes from Letters to the Editor in the Times today. “So Prime Minister David Cameron cannot wage war without the consent of the British people as represented by Parliament. I guess this is what a democracy looks like.” B.Deimling…”Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should have told us by now that dropping more bombs on a Muslim country will do nothing but perpetuate violence and increase hatred of America.” partial quote from R.Marshall. The New York Post has an article about Assad’s 11- year old son daring the United States to attack Syria in a Facebook rant. Enough lives have been lost, enough trillions have been wasted. Is it so impossible to strive for, and live in peace? World peace!. Sorry if this is a bit heavy on a holiday, but Twitter is filled with tweets hoping the United States will not make a strike against Syria. I thought you’re supposed to learn from past mistakes. Maybe I’m wrong. On a lighter note, I’m planning a move to Avatar.

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  1. I thought the Nobel Peace prize was for Peace and not for war.
    Does this mean that if he goes through with the bombing that it will be rescinded?

  2. I really appreciate your words and think exactly the same. The Nobel was awarded a little prematurely, I think.

  3. Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
    different results. At this time, to send missiles against Syria would be insane.. I would think that sending any missiless would require
    at least a 2/3 vote in favor.


    Diplomatic action regarding this mess is 2 1/2 years too late. The U.N. is politicized,has no teeth,so that promise that was,just isn’t viable.

    The World refuses to learn.

    I’m very sad about that country’s chaos,injuries. And,now we’ll have generations that will be filled with grievances,revenge and we’ll have more of the same.

  5. ……and for me the saddest….. People want world peace, and the leaders lead the people to war. What difference does our vote do? What can the average citizen do to prevent yet another war, and this could lead to global destruction. The older I become, the less sense I can make out of politics. Thank you always for your comments.

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