Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

This past holiday weekend, the fabulous Carol Channing was visiting the Fire Island community of Cherry Grove.. “She submitted gleefully to questions and prods from Justin Vivian Bond, the transgender performer, who interviewed her for about an hour.” She spoke about her career, and even though she was on the road a great amount of time, she raised her son, Channing Lowe, who is a prizewinning political cartoonist. She said “she has a genuine and untroubled sense of joy for her work”, including 5.000 “Hello Dolly” performances. My friend Edith who is 96, was also raised by Christian Scientists parents. Maybe there is something about avoiding doctors, since Carol Channing was also raised the same way and going strong at 92. When she was 16 she was told her father was half black,and she said “I thought I had the greatest genes in show business.” I think of Carol Channing as a national treasure, and she has become one of my role models, of course, Betty White as well. When working, she remarked “To be so appreciated, is something every human being should experience.” So, on to your 100th celebrated hopefully in good health dear Carol Channing.

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