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To Barry

9/13/32 A Heartfelt tribute for my husband who died nine years ago this week, or was it yesterday! Soul connected love never dies. His energy and spirit comforts and sustains me. I believe, therefore it exists. He was one of the “great guys.” An extraordinary man who had the capacity to love and the joy of being loved, by all whose lives he touched. He is missed everyday of every year. Time doesn’t always heal. A sudden rude interruption of his life, so suddenly, with no time to prepare. Unbearable grief. I don’t live for a new fantasy love, but relish in the reality of what I do have in my life…and so very grateful. My children, my grandchildren, my friends, good health and never taken for granted. I exalt in our mutual love. I call them my emotional transfusions. I was in love with a man who loved me back, one of life’s great joys. I will forever love and celebrate you dear Barry. The butterfly and the sunflower forever, for ever.

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    That is a lovely tribute.

  2. Beautifully said Paulette! There is not one day that passes that we are not thinking of our lovable Uncle Barry. He was our uncle, friend and mentor. We too will always miss him but his memories are forever in our hearts and mind. Love, A & R

  3. Such a beautiful tribute.

  4. Thinking of you.

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