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Followers on blog

I welcome all followers to my blog and twitter that have appropriate sites and positive words to share. I have been on twitter since April and have found the experience most validating. The connections with people as I have said before, all ages, colors, and from different states and countries. 99% of the experiences have been fulfilling and exciting. At times the connections feel as though I am meeting old friends or new old friends. I recently was followed by someone with a “mature” site and it’s quite upsetting to me for anyone who goes on by blog to see this. Facebook you have to accept a friend, and twitter, you can block a follower. I am waiting to hear from Word Press how to delete those you don’t want. I am not judging, I am only asking for kindness and respect. Please do not follow me if your language/photographs are in any way offensive and inappropriate. Hopefully Word Press will help in solving this problem. I treasure over 1,000 followers and everyday is a new surprise. Sometimes, the surprise is not so treasured. Hopefully this will be taken care of.

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  1. I did get a response from Word Press and hopefully this will be taken care of.

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