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I define myself as apolitical. Very little understanding of politics and politicians. A recent article in the New York Times echo’s my feelings and I quote from David Brooks, The Stem And The Flower. ……………………………” In an act of amazing Public Service, I have not written a column in three weeks. In the course of that time, I’ve stepped back from politics, a bit, and thought about other things. That naturally raises the question: How much emotional and psychic space should politics take up in a normal healthy brain?” He goes on to say, “If you live in a functioning society, you can say politicians are just a bunch of crooks. But if you live in a place without rule of law, where a walk down a nighttime street can be terrifying, where tribalism leads to murder, you know that politics is a vital concern.” I’m not going to re-write the entire article and will end with his last paragraph. If interested in reading, you can google the article in its entirety. ” I figure that unless you are in the business of politics, covering it or columnizing about it, politics should take up maybe a tenth corner of a good citizen’s mind. The rest should be philosophy, friendship, romance, family, culture, and fun. I wish our talk show culture reflected that balance, and that the emotional register around politics were more in keeping with its low but steady nature.” Thank you David Brooks, I can now be totally apolitical, without guilt.

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  1. Hi, Paulette, so glad to connect via Twitter! I’m with you. While I’m passionate about life (to include politics) I set healthy limits for myself; I wrote about it a year ago here So while I wouldn’t describe myself as apolitical, I would say that I see politics clearly, making it no more or less than it is. Relief!

    I see that you were married 50 years. I’m married 26 and love connecting with those who learn about themselves and life through marriage and family life. If you have a chance, it would be a privilege to have you check out my active blog and comment from your experience. Super glad to connect & have a great rest of the week and 2013 🙂

    • Hi Angie,
      So great to connect and thank you kindly for taking the time to read blog. Signed up for yours because I like your writing and content. Very genuine. Your family photo is just beautiful. Have many posts about love and friendship, and some that are a bit poignant and sad. Life….Having loving family and friends, I have written about and called them my emotional transfusions, but without my husband, there is a huge void. I do try to concentrate on what I do have in my life and forever grateful. Have the great bonus of fantastic grandchildren as well. The greatest joy for me was being in love with someone who loved me back…Have never gone out with anyone more than once so perhaps as Betty White said “I had the best, who needs the rest.”…..but then again………………………. Let’s keep in touch and wish you a holiday season filled with many joys.xo

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