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Lost…..And…..Not Found

40 years ago in Paris. We were in our 30’s. Paris is romantic at anytime of the year. This was April in Paris, and my husband wanted to buy me something special, to remind me of spending my birthday in France. A sterling silver large link bracelet was my chosen gift. The elegant shop was on the very beautiful Champs-Elysees. The price was outrageous for sterling silver. $75.00. It was exquisite. Practicing Buddhism, we are taught not to put great value on material things. This was sentiment, of the highest degree living within me. I treasured my silver bracelet and wore it almost everyday. I lost my silver bracelet. Visiting in Richmond, Virginia has been and always will be a family fun experience. I love and am loved on a daily basis. So, it was devastating to me that in this love fest atmosphere, I lost my silver bracelet. My last post on this blog was called “Mysterious Large Black Handbag” about finding one in the lady’s room in NYC, and how gratifying it was to reunite the owner and the bag……..and now this. Guess one good deed does not always produce another, but kindness must prevail even when not returned. My treasured bracelet just vanished from my wrist. It was so heavy, I would have heard it fall. Where could it be? Who knows except the finder. We were in many parking lots, and just as many shops. Wal-Mart to Sephora, and a few in between. Phantom feelings of my bracelet still on my wrist exist. Tears flow quickly when I think of my birthday with my husband in Paris so many years ago. I can’t even imagine someone else wearing my bracelet. We searched. Oh how we searched. Over and over again in all the same places. Under the bed, in the closet, thinking it was stuck on a piece of clothing I wore, could it have fallen in a drawer, under the bed once again. In every nook and cranny in the car. Places my fingers couldn’t even reach it was so tight, I still tried to reach. I was beginning to become obsessive. At least I knew not to look in the refrigerator. A friend lost her cell phone and there it was, among the cheeses and egg cartons. I called the Henrico County Police Department to make a report. We made signs for the car window, for the little café to put on their door, the calls over and over again to the stores Lost and Found, each time hoping this time, they would say “it is here, your bracelet.” A free ad to run three days in the Richmond Times Dispatch. We did it all, we tried everything. Proving something sad to me. There are some people who wouldn’t think of returning something that didn’t belong to them. Unheard of for me to even think in that way…….and then the others who reached out just to say I understand. My family, my friends. Twitter friends tweeted as far away as Japan, Egypt, Spain, Italy, and many other places. A wonderful community of care. The Lovely Land of Twitter. A woman named Barbara read the ad and felt she had to call. Quickly she said she was sorry she didn’t have the bracelet, but wanted to know if she could help in anyway. She lost a treasured ring when she was a young girl and never forgot, given to her by her now deceased parents. She related. I knew after 5 days, I had to let go. When you lose, the missing is intense. Knowing that replacing is impossible. What was lost was priceless. Loss is a loss forever……..My husband died 9 years ago. Loss, like a diamond in the sand.
“Oh no Paulette. I’m heart broken with you. How sadly ironic that you share this story so shortly after you were able to spare another such hurt. I don’t see your reaction as materialistic. It’s just that it really does hurt when we face loss. I’m glad you had such a great run with your sterling silver bracelet, and I’m holding out hope that somehow it finds its way back to you.”………written by Angie from Arizona. A Twitter friend with kindness and compassion. Thank you lovingly dear Angie.

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  1. While I’m sad to read that your bracelet hasn’t been returned (yet) I am so happy to read of the outpouring of love and care you received. And, you are most welcome, Paulette. Stay strong, sista 🙂

    • Hey Sista Angie, It has been so touching that so many people have touched me with their words. Once back home, I will not be obsessing, looking at every wrist in town. It is what it is, and it is what it isn’t. Just like life itself. I once again thank you most sincerely for your kindness and words of care. Inner strength to make letting go a bit easier is what it called for now. As you said, I had a good run.

      • Your inner strength is obvious to me, Paulette. Safe travels home and wherever you are, having a lovely weekend.

      • Thank you Angie. I just tweeted this. Acceptance, Life. It is what it is and it is what it isn’t. Expectations for most people have to be a bit low sadly…and others never ever disappoint. We would, and I count you in as well, not try and find the owner of something lost. The easiest thing they could have done is just bring to Henrico Police Dept. I have a Pisces Moon and could dwell forever so I have to apply some form of emotional behavior modification. I do self therapy and talk to myself…in or out of things. Thank you for your twitter friendship. Know if we lived in same area, we would be friends. Have a lovely weekend as well.

  2. sameh tanios said:

    I have learn this feeling when losing my new phone ,the joy when I found it ,I suggest for you if u have a pic with this bracelet to design a new one the same shape ,I think I will not be a problem ,I think sometimes we need simply to let go ,to feel free ,and to let others living in other dimension near us to feel free

    • I felt joy Sameh in knowing your phone was found. I have other silver bracelets that I wear, but this one was really not replaceable in any form, especially emotionally. So next week, back in the city, where I will not be looking at every wrist in town. Thanks always for your caring words.

  3. said:

    Paula, That is such a sad story. I am so sorry. I haven’t given up hope that you will somehow get it back…so you were wearing it and then it was gone… sometimes even though I have torn my car apart to find things, and don’t, then months later it falls out from some nook and I do find it ultimately. I so hope that happens to you. Another link to Barry gone, but nothing will ever take away the link you will always carry inside of you. I am truly sorry. And your posting really was effective at conveying the loss. Best wishes, Ronnie p.s. I just checked another email account I hardly ever use, that my Facebook notices go to, and see you sent me a jazz link that I had never seen. Thanks so much. So thoughtful of you…

    • Thank you Ronnie for your kind and caring words. I definitely need to stop obsessing and looking at every wrist in town. Once home, it will be easier to bring my strengths to the surface and just let it go. I love this Russian proverb…”Chasing after the past is like chasing after the wind.” A lovely evening of jazz next week will be soul filling and I look forward to being back where it will be a bit easier to let go.

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