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Happy March All

March and 4-6 inches of snow expected tomorrow…Can words describe the fears of ice and snow??….talking about the cold must be some sort of emotional release to constantly talk about the weather. It actually becomes quite boring. I am not saying where did February go. I know it was probably one of the coldest in many years. I remember going to Florida years ago and sitting in the sun, and people selling papers giving the latest winter reports up north. A pleasure for all who gave away snow shovels and heavy winter clothes. My choice is to live in New York where I have family, friends, and all the things I love to do. So when it comes to the weather, I just deal with it……and of course rarely stop talking about it. I should walk with weights when it’s windy….the other day, I had to hold on to a pole in order not to be the Peter Pan of the Upper East Side…..”Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring.” Neltje Blanchan…………………….One word…JOY

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  1. Condolences on the cold. While the snow has stopped here, the cold wind makes it feel as miserable as if the snow was around. May spring be just around the corner for you…

    • Thank you for your comment and reading my blog. May I suggest URAWarrior. I have two posts. Valentines Day Go Away and Self Love. A very positive site. So condolences not really necessary because it’s not tragic, just frigid with no let up…but we all know Spring follows winter and will appreciate even more. Hope your cold winds become warm breezes soon.

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