Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes


I am going to have more posts on Bershan Shaw’s site. Just want to give another shout out that Love in The City starts April 12th. on Oprah’s Own Channel 10pm..It’s a docu-series following the lives of four fabulous friends, living in fast paced NYC. Their trials and tribulations, and how they face life’s challengers and joys.Outside of the show, the four women have been friends for ten years. Looking forward to watching…My new posts are Tick Tock and Quotes. Hope you are able to take the time and read. Sincere thanks to all who follow mothernatureisaman. I appreciate the support and you taking the time to read my words, and hope you will check out URAWarrior. Kind thanks and appreciation.For someone who writes, there is no greater feeling than having others read your words, and if they like them, that’s the bonus and what follows is overwhelming joy.”Friends. They cherish each others hopes. They are kind to each others dreams. Henry David Thoreau

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