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Woman Warrior

mother nature is a man and other observations..

I am proud to be part of Team Bershan, who is a two-time breast cancer survivor, N.Y.U. certified life coach, motivational speaker, and CEO and founder of URAWarrior…most recently part of Love In The City, Oprah Own Channel. A fun docu-series about four friends facing life’s challenges with fun and spice. I’m a friend and supporter of this remarkable woman. Her positive energy is powerful and contagious, and in my opinion, contributed to her surviving stage 4 breast cancer. Beautiful on the outside, but even more important, on the inside. URAWarrior has just launched a new website, Please, if you have time, sign up and utilize the terrific features…I personally have posts written from my heart and hope to share with all of you. So many wonderful stories written by women that you might find relatable in your own lives. I write under name Paula Paulette. Your comments would be…

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