Still a dreamer…Old Memories and New Hopes

Taking Lucky, my Havanese canine grandson for a walk on Central Park West, he sniffs and greets many new friends. Most embarrassing to observe his friendliness with other dogs, male and female. During the sniff and greet, the humans just watch without saying too much. I mean what do you say in such an intimate moment. After a minute or two, I usually say “well Lucky, you said hi and now we must be going.”
We arrive home and I use wipes in all areas that need attention, including his paws, (after all, he is a NYC resident.)_Also wipe his mouth and nose, because I find it difficult to resume our relationship when I just witnessed him just being a dog……… but how can you resist giving and receiving a kiss from someone who loves you unconditionally? I certainly can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments on: "For Dog Lovers Only: Embarassing Moments" (2)

  1. I have 2 dogs (was 3 until last year) 😦 and I can’t imagine not giving and receiving their love! 🙂 But I try not to think about where their mouth has been… LOL!

  2. That’s why I do a little wiping. I had two Westies, Duffy lived to be 18 and Maggie promised me she would make 20, but she didn’t keep her promise and died at 14. I remember going to Rainbow Bridge site and getting some comfort. They stay in your soul forever. Easier now just taking care of Lucky when my children go away. Mine were on runs and rarely made new friends. Seems in the city, everyone has a dog and hard for me not to witness, so I wipe and then feel a bit better about me kissing and him licking my lips. Such wonderful love… xoxo

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