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Ida and Her Secrets?

Unforgettable….that is how I would describe Ida. We met at the Senior Residence, living and loving her Independent Living situation. Her own apartment and totally self sufficient. She describes herself as a “short, chatty Asian.” I would say positive, cheerful, and wonderful. My son visits his mother in law at the same place and calls Ida The Mayor. Everyone knows Ida. Loving energy obvious to all who meet her, and she is only 92. Difficult to tell age today, and the older I get, the younger everyone becomes. I also think of old age starting at 104. Magical thinking and denial are a necessity, for me. Ida is charming, vivacious, beautiful inside and out, and I had to know all her secrets. We didn’t have too much time, because she was so busy and in the dining room, she works the room, saying hi to everyone. It seems not just me, but everyone loves Ida. A few days later, I called , and asked if I could do a mini interview. I had to know what her secrets were, even though I had a good idea about the positive energy for one. So first I asked about skin. She must have some sort of formula that she makes in her room I thought. So her answer to the skin question. “Oh I use only soap and water. I don’t use anything else”. OK I thought, what about nutrition and exercise? “Oh I never exercise and the only time I started eating healthy was when I moved here.” and she added, “people all said I knew everyone soon after I moved in. No, everyone knew me.” I can certainly understand why everyone would want to be with Ida. She laughs with sheer joy in her light. I was overjoyed when she told me “I was a bright beginning to her week.” That left me with a smile for days, even now months later as I think of her. She was widowed twice and her son lives near and visits. She said “she doesn’t dwell on sadness or loss. She doesn’t make life a struggle. Not very religious. Loves the community life she is part of and checks the calendar everyday to make sure she hasn’t left anything out of her schedule.I don’t want to miss anything.” She considers herself a people person and she shares so many of the positive personality traits my friend Edith practices at 96. Ida said “if you want a friend, you have to be a friend.” When you meet Ida, you never forget her. Her caring ways, stopping at everyone’s table to say hi, and make sure all are doing well. She smiles, you smile back.Her joy is contagious. She has a drink on her birthday, but otherwise doesn’t drink alcohol.
So my new friend Ida and her secrets. Making others feel good. That’s not a secret, that’s an art.

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    That’s lovely….I’d love to know Ida.

    • Thank you and she would love to know you. There would be the same immediate bond because of your energy. Maybe you and I can be somebody’s Ida someday.

  2. This is wonderful post and Ida is a wonderful person. I feel good meeting Ida through your words. Thank you Paulette!

    • Thank you Sylvester for reading and posting on Twitter. Your support is always appreciated, and your kindness and kind words. You would meet Ida, and as my son just said, “a living Angel in disguise.”…..and by the way, she would enjoy meeting you…so if you are ever in Southern Calif. you have a new 92 year old friend waiting to enjoy your poetry and beautiful energy.

  3. Heaven on Earth said:

    Ida is a living Angel in disguise…..

    • I agree and please tell her for me that many followers all felt as though they knew her or want to. She has a beautiful attitude and strength to match. Thank you for your comment……Think you might be a relative. Love you Doug.

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